We are welcoming you with Sang Bleu II, the second model born out of the partnership of Hublot and the world-renowned tattoo artist Maxime Büchi. You may lose yourself in the details of this model, which looks like just an architectural masterpiece with its facets, geometric lines and Unico mechanism.

When a new model is to be launched, I am wondering not only the mechanism and design of the watch, but also the philosophy and what it aims to express. In this sense, one of the most successful brands that drag me to think is HYT. The new model H5 has satisfied me quite a lot with all topics it involves. I certainly advise you to review the new model of HYT and read its philosophy.

Even though Vacheron Constantin’s Les Cabinotiers Minute Repeater Tourbillon Four Seasons series represent four seasons, its colourful dials manufactured with a special technique will warm you inside. I cannot help but say that I really liked the new version of Arnold&Son’s Globetrotter model, which I am wearing fondly. Another good news is that our aspiration for the peaceful environment of D-Resot Ayvalık Murat Reis is not only limited to the summer months. As of February 14, the hotel will continue to host its guests at weekends during the winter season. With the QR code system that we have initiated in the last issue, you can read this issue either in PDF or via our website as you wish. You can directly reach our website by scanning the codes on the selected pages with the camera of your mobile phone.

I wish you have a pleasant time.

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