Arnold&Son, at once graphic, cartographic and hemispherical, the Globetrotter Night gives its display of World times over to the night. Beneath a crystal dome, this timepiece plays on nocturnal nuances and city lights.

Beneath a large sapphire crystal dome, an arched bridge supports a half globe in shades of grey and blue. It depicts the continents, the seas and th e lights of the large cities located north of the equator. On the edge of the planet, a sapphire ring breaks down the 24 hours of a day. Transparent between 6 am and 6 pm, a metal treatment has been used to darken it, indicating the night time hours. In the absence of a dedicated hand or city disc, the time is read geographically in accordance with the continents.

The Globetrotter Nightoffers a realistic and meticulously rendered interpretation of a three-dimensional map enclosed in a 45mm steel case. Chemical engraving has been used on the half-globe to outline the continents. The raised parts have undergone a deep-grey galvanic treatment before being hand-lacquered in a black-grey hue, while the oceans are lacquered in grey-blue. Finally, the city lights twinkling in the northern hemisphere are represented by hand-applied silver sparkles.