Representing a new phase in its mission to challenge itself, Roger Dubuis has innovated in recent years by drawing inspiration from other industry fields. This has led to the cementing of partnerships with two other iconic names equally committed to delivering standout customer experiences and the ensuing launch of a series of spectacular that have clearly illustrated what happens when visionary engineers meet with incredible watchmakers. The result is totally unique timepiece based on the Maison’s favourite platform of expression: Excalibur One-off

Inspired by partners Lamborghini Squadra Corse and Pirelli, the highly complicated Excalibur One-Off timepiece is inspired by the recently unveiled Lamborghini SC18 Alston supercar. This is the first ever one-off hypercar created by the Lamborghini motorsport division exclusively developed for a client’s recreational use on the track. The futuristic Excalibur One-off timepiece features a design at the crossroads of modern art and innovative architecture and a calibre worthy of the most complex engine. Composed of an amazing variety of materials, this unique superlative-packed timepiece is truly representative of what Fine Watchmaking, a supercar manufacturer and an iconic tyre king can do.

The Excalibur One-off timepiece is powered by the third calibre to be produced within the framework of this iconic three-way partnership in the form of the purpose-built RD106SQ movement, mechanical double flying tourbillon inclined 90°. Built like a supercar engine, it emulates the V-shape geometry of the Lamborghini engines.From track to road to wrist, this ideal blend of sophisticated mechanical engineering and sleek aesthetics thus enables aficionados to feel the automotive magic at their fingertips.