For Omega, the Constellation is a true jewel in its long history of ladies’ watchmaking. Women from all countries and backgrounds have come to know and love this watch. For many decades, its beauty and precision have been universally adored, with a popularity that has crossed the generations. Therefore, when it came to creating a new Constellation campaign for 2018, Omega chose to include not one, but four inspiring women at the heart of the brand.

Cindy Crawford, Nicole Kidman, Alessandra Ambrosio and Liu Shishi all represent the elegant and captivating qualities of the Constellation collection. But just like each individual model, these four ambassadors are unique and talented in their own ways.

The fashion photographer, Damon Baker, shot images with a minimalist and chic concept, and based on a modern interpretation of the Manhattan skyline. Along with the red of Omega, the colour palette includes white and gold, in line with Omega’s recent “Her Time” exhibition, which has toured many global destinations from Paris to St. Petersburg.