In the very heart of Paris, in the Messika’s Atelier ancestral tools cohabit with graphic design and cutting-edge techniques as if to seal the sucessful combination of jewelry tradition and technical innovation. Always looking for exceptional diamonds, Valérie Messika is a great follower of colored diamonds. These colorful eternity stones, extremely rare, are a playground for the designer who is faithful to the diamonds.

The artisans working in the jewellery and fine jewellery ateliers of the House of Messika use their talent to transform the inspirations and innovative ideas of Valérie Messika into the creation of extraordinary pieces of jewelry. This is team work, passion and skill as seen nowhere else. The artists are forever pushing the boundaries of jewelry design, working with gold and the most precious of stones to create unique pieces, sometimes requiring thousands of hours of work. Messika’s success is due to this subtle and skillful marriage between innovation and tradition.

An explosive composition where icy blue meets polar white. The Messika set of the surrounding of stones delicately sublimates these two luxurious pears.

Among all the colored diamonds, rose is the rarest. In the shape of a kite, this ring is a unique piece that flies on your finger.

Created for the Selfridges opening shop-in-shop in London, this sublime Toi & Moi, with two cushion cuts in perfect proportions of 5 and 12 carats, unveils all its audacity in this twisted and pavé band.

Growing up watching her brothers adjusting their ties, Valérie Messika created jewelry to embellish a woman’s neck. Inspired by a silk tie belonging to one of her brothers, she drew the contours of it, then adjusted it to her collar, adding a subtle detail of femininity: Yellow daimonds. Like a lasso of light, the yellow of the diamonds is reinforced by a myriad of micro-serti white diamonds that sometimes embrace the left and sometimes the right side of each diamond.