Calamity Jane, Easy Rider, fantastical horseback rides and vast desert plains… Valerie Messika wanted to center her new High Jewelry collection around the Wild West. Farewell to the fairytale universe of Once Upon A Time, mount your steed for a wild yet previous desert ride.

The motifs of this master piece of the Born to Be Wild collection evoke the plumes of the traditional Native American headdresses which are decorated with eagle feathers. Each feather symbolized an act of bravery: their number, position and color all imbued with particular meaning.

The individuality of Ziricote wood, the essence of Central America renowned for the richness of its patterns, combined with the delicate touch of a pink gold frame give this necklace a unique dimension.

In progression of the Black Hawk necklace, several variants have been created by the High Jewelry Atelier. Harmoniously juxtaposed side-by-side, the carved wooden, gold and diamond petals of the cuff embrace the wrist. With a desire to offer women jewelry that is easy to wear every day, Valérie Messika also offers a lighter version of her motif in wood. Conceived with a single wooden feather, bracelet is made with the Skinny system, signature of the House.