In this icy world, Valérie Messika has created a whirling, blizzard-like composition of free-moving pear cut diamonds, perfectly positioned on a flexible diamond thread enhanced with the technical elasticity of the Skinny range. A heady spiral whirling around the neck, these hypnotizing pear cuts ripple and captivate light to create a glittering tornado.The piece which design 88 free-moving pear cut diamonds, complete 506 hours of work. Central diamond of 5,55ct.

For a mother, there’s no better time of day than sitting down to read to her children a bedtime story at night. It’s an opportunity for adults to dive back into the world of fairy tales; imaginary realms where magic and enchantment reign. Rediscovering the beautifully-illustrated books of Gustave Doré, Kay Nielsen and, in particular, Edmond Dulac, I had the opportunity of observing, through adult eyes, the pages that had formed my dreams as a child. And because High Jewelry is really about transposing dreams of little girls who’ve now grown up, I’ve created a fairytale collection of 22 exceptional pieces, combining freedom of movement with visual magnificence, allure and the modernity of our era.

TCombining my passion for diamonds with my love of fashion, I’ve re-written some of the tales that once enchanted me as a child, exploring their themes with a feel for ”couture”. Although inspired by the princesses of the past, these pieces take on an almost futuristic allure when worn by top model Sasha Pivovarova. A global icon with striking features and a fiery temperament, she represents my vision of a modern day heroine perfectly. Captured by the lens of the renowned photographer Katja Rawles, Messika’s High Jewelry takes on a hint of punk rock attitude, resolutely rooted in the spirit of our times. Working with this pair of powerful women, I’ve reinterpreted the stories of these ancient tales with an ultra-modern vision, and an avant-garde style inspired by the latest trends in top fashion.”

Valérie Messika transports us to the heart of an icy snowstorm, with 6 new pieces inspired by the breathtaking home of the Snow Queen, the set symbolize by Gerda frees the Kai from the spell cast upon him by the fragments of the evil mirror and the framents of ice begin to dance around in joy. The Diamond Whirl bracelet, necklace, ring and earrings with free-moving pear cut diamonds reveals a whirlwind luster embodying the technical mastery of Messika.