Italian clothing brand Lora Piana, which has been producing the world’s highest quality fabrics for six generations, offers a perfect 2018-2019 Fall/Winter Collection for those who opt for quality.

The Piana family, who worked as a supplier of fabrics in Trivero in the mid-1800s, moved to Valsesia and founded Loro Piana in 1924. Loro Piana, which has been in the pursuit of the world’s best-quality wool and fabrics since the 1800s, was awarded 50 times as the best fabric collector of the world until the year 2000. It also won an award in South Wales in 2008 for producing the world’s finest bale of wool, measuring 12.5 microns. Loro Piana, which aims to produce flawless, elegant, useful, unobtrusive and velvety products, once again offers a timeless elegance with its 2018-2019 Fall/Winter Collection.

In its Women’s Collection, Loro Piana embraces large forms made of tight-fitting, soft and high-end fabrics. Both cashmere and baby cashmere, a very rare and special fiber exclusively obtained from selected Hircus goats, form the cornerstone of textile products in the Loro Piana universe. Among the designs that stand out are coats dropping off the shoulder to belt at the waist and bulky cloaks. Reversible and two-colored garments are embellished with hand-made embroideries and gain identity with small metallic details.

The Loro Piana Men’s Collection, which does not give up on a sportive élan for today’s active gentlemen, embodies a relaxed weekend mood. Garments full of modest details that are offered in an autumnal palette, combined with the smooth touch of Loro Piana’s vicuña and baby cashmere fabrics, take classical shapes to another level. Casual outerwear pieces like the Vicuña overcoat are updated with new colors, while the Vicuña knitwear weaved from bold and colorful rib fabrics and 3D cable knit patterns offers a graphical elegance. You are invited to our IstinyePark store to discover this perfect collection of Loro embroideries and gain identity with small metallic details.