La Réserve Genève, just over five kilometer from the town center three kilometers from the nearest international airport, on the shores of lake Geneva.  A 5 star hotel and spa designed as a lodge in a World beyond time, reminiscent of a lost paradise. A spa, four restaurants, 29 suites and 73 rooms that tell a story of a wonderful journey, far from the rest of the world.

Some places just exude a mysterious power, as if the waves of positive harmony created a feeling of plenitude, of a natural connection with the inner self. La Réserve Genève is one of these. Whether for a night or a few days, it procures a delicious sensation of feeling at home right from the first moment. Nestled in a tawny-colored leather club armchair in front of a monumental fireplace in winter; or lazing in the sun beside the pool in summer.

Michel Reybier’s who is founder of La Réserve Genéve inspired vision took shape with the help of Parisian interior designer Jacques Garcia. Places infused with a little touch of soul where each and every guest can as the aesthetic privilege of extreme comfort. A signature that one rediscovers with delight with each new stay, for the sheer pleasure of letting go in an atmosphere that is chic, authentic and incredibly rare: La Resérve Genéve