Diva Finissima Minute Repeater raises a majestic anthem to artistry by chiming the time while also celebrating a century of high watchmaking and jewellery expertise, masterfully expressed through daring gemsetting and a dial embellished by gold-spangled Urushi lacquer. Beating at its art is the world’s thinnest minute repeater movement in a ladies’ watch, Finissima, an evolved version of the famous Finissimo Minute Repeater movement presented by Bvlgari at Baselworld 2016 in the Octo collection. The record-breaking calibre is developed by the Master Watchmakers of the Italian brand at the Manufacture in Le Sentier.

The enchantingly Diva Finissima is graced with an exceptionally slim 18kt rose gold 37mm diameter case. Its delightful design is softened by tapered lugs whose voluptuous curves are accentuated by diamonds, while an 18kt rose gold winding crown set with a splendid facetted diamond offers a counterpoint to these gently rounded shapes. The quintessential jewellery watch belonging to a collection that has demonstrated the wealth of variations on the theme of artistic crafts and elegance naturally deserved a dial worthy of its splendour.

The watch dial is thus crafted from Urushi lacquer, in harmony with the finest Japanese tradition, by an experienced artisan well accustomed to all its subtle characteristics. During an entire month, ten or so layers of beautifully shimmering plant-based lacquer are applied to the dial plate. Each operation calls for deft brush strokes, followed after a 48-hour drying process by accurate and delicate polishing with a cotton pad and stag-horn powder. To achieve a perfectly dense yet diaphanous cloud of gold spangles, the latter are sieved through a bamboo shoot and expertly sprinkled across the surface, while the last layer is coated with transparent lacquer designed to increase the visual depth effect characterising the Urushi technique. Finally, the Bvlgari’s gemsetters fit tiny diamond hour-markers on this miniature painting featuring motifs that are always unique and a surface destined to stand the test of time. Diva Finissima which is precisely why this model, a creative encapsulation of the skills faithfully nurtured by Bvlgari for 100 years, is limited edition of 10.