The ocean is a world whose waters are shrouded in mystery. Humans have set out to explore the depths seeking to unveil their secrets. By offering them professional diving watches with unparalleled performance, Bell & Ross is taking part in this quest for discovery.

With this new addition to the Diver collection, Bell & Ross pursues its aspiration by evoking the historical roots of underwater exploration. In total compliance with military and diving requirements, the monochromatic olive dial is perfectly readable night and day thanks to its gold-plated appliqué indices with Superluminova® inserts. This nod to the origins of these adventures can be seen on the case-back, which bears the engraving of a 1940s diver.

Its case and bezel are made from bronze, a material that is deeply linked to diving history, that was used in the past for deep-sea helmets and naval construction, in fitting parts and propellers. Although inalterable, bronze forms a patina over time depending on its environment and gaining a unique shade over the years. As time passes, the metal provides its wearer with beautiful tones of reddish brown or greyish green, giving it a robust and distinctive touch, and making it unique.

Bell & Ross introduces an appealing combination that makes two worlds meet for the first time. The alliance of Bronze the diving industry’s metal of choice and olive green mirroring the color of the military camouflage uniform works beautifully together, giving it a neo-retro and rugged look.