Wake up to a dream in argos in Cappadocia which is called as “the hotel through which a village passes” and which is integrated with the magic geography of Cappadocia… argos in Cappadocia, which is the address of winter holidays resembles a dreamland, is located in Uçhisar facing the Erciyes Mountain in the Güvercinlik Valley part of Cappadocia which means “the Land of Beautiful Horses” and which presents the most interesting natural beauties of the world. Uçhisar is located on what is known as the royal road in the Persian period and the Silk Road in the Seljuk period. argos in Cappadocia has a 22-year-long restoration story and it has been restored so as to reflect the spirit of Cappadocia, emerging from a 2000-year-old historical network made up of ruins of an old monastery, caves and underground tunnels in Uçhisar.

Also famous for its vineyards dating back to Hittites and the wines made from these vineyards, Cappadocia is one of the first places that comes to mind in the heart of Anatolia when we think of winemaking. Each mansion in argos in Cappadocia is connected with tunnels to one another and to the cellars where the wine produced from the grapes of the region are kept with a capacity of 70.000 bottles. In SEKİ Restaurant, where delicious flavors, pleasure and a magical atmosphere scale up just like it is in the natural formation of the “seki” formations meaning “terraces in the slope”, freshest local food grown in the garden of the hotel flavor the local dishes prepared with the modern interpretation of the professional cooks.

Being one of the historical places brought back to life in argos in Cappadocia, the chapel which hosted monks thousands of years before as a sanctuary and used for different purposes by the local people in time is today considered as one of the most impressive event venues in Turkey. And the historical Bezirhane building where monks and priests used to live, where camel trains used to stop by, used as a caravansary once upon a time and then was a place where linseed oil was produced used for lamp oil is now hosting meetings, events and weddings, concerts and performances carried out with new, out of the ordinary concepts with its extraordinary acoustics and two giant domes. argos in Cappadocia is waiting for those who wish to enjoy the pleasure and romance of the winter in Cappadocia, and to wake up to a dream where colorful balloons are hanging on the sky and to say “Good Morning” to Erciyes, the highest mountain of Anatolia.