As one of the rooted establishments of Istanbul having become a classic both with its location and understanding of service that it renders, 29 is considered as one of the best restaurants in the world with its perfectionism. 29 also continues to put forth its difference with its location with a view of Bosporus and the valuable works of art at every step inside. Hosting its guests with its unique view of the Bosporus overlooking both bridges of Istanbul, 29 continues to stand out with its unique space design.

Opened its doors in 1993 for the first time, 29 is still the first preference of different generations with its logo and space design that it has renewed last year. Renewed without losing its original identity, 29 still conserves its classical architectural elements and stands out with a dynamic spirit with touches of design that can also establish bonds with the young generation. In 29, where classical and contemporary elements are blended, the open cooking point located at the food area stands out as well as the winter garden.

The tastes of 29 makes a difference by being prepared with different cooking techniques on wood fire, as it blends the cuisines of various countries with Turkish tastes and has a rich menu that can be adapted according to seasons. Having been one of the classical tastes of 29, 29 meatball, lahmacun (Turkish pizza) and kebab with yoghurt are prepared by using different cooking techniques on wood fire. In addition to the traditional dishes of 29, Turkish appetiser and olive oil plate, Ala Nazik kebab and octopus risotto draw attention on the menu.

Offering the restaurant and nightclub concept together with the experience of taste and entertainment in its unique ambience, 29 remains to be an indispensable destination of the city both for its lunches and dinners also with its scenic terrace in summer months.