Mercedes-Benz’s iconic model G-Class that challenges time is started to be launched for sales in Turkey after the biggest change that it has gone through after non-stop 39 years of manufacturing. While the new Mercedes-Benz G-Class is launched with two different gasoline engine options at first stage, it will be started to be launched with G 350 d engine option in 2019. The new G-Class offers quite comprehensive equipment with headlights with LED technology, enhanced driving assistance systems, leather upholstery with new colour options and high quality interior space and new power unit.

G-Class, the technical improvement of which has been constantly continuing since years, sets forth the beginning of a new era with its most up-to-date state both technically as well as in terms of appearance. With its body that it 53 mm longer and 121 mm wider, G-Class exhibits a more stupendous appearance on terrain as well as on roads. The fender bumps and bumpers are further integrated into the body, thus giving a more harmonious appearance to the body. In the interior part of G-Class, it is recognised that most of the details in exterior design has been used in the interior design. For example, the round form of the beams reflects on the vent grilles on the outer edges of the cockpit. The form of the iconic signal lights are noticed on the speakers. The handle or controller group of three locked differential at the front passenger seat part is characteristic for G-Class and continued to be used; however, meticulously enhanced without losing its origins.

The new “G-Mode” holds an important role in offering superior off-road driving features. With engaging one of the three differential locks independently from the driving character selected through DYNAMIC SELECT or engaging off-road reinforcement LOW RANGE, the new G-Class transits into the “G-Mode”. The mentioned off-road mode adjusts the hardness adjustable dampers of the suspension, the steering and gas pedal’s reaction sensitivity, prevents unnecessary gear shifting and thus provides controlled and high performance driving in the most challenging terrain conditions. A “G” icon appears on the display panel as the system gets activated. “G” overcomes any kinds of grounds with a great determination, the driver can do manoeuvres with centimetric precision even in the straightest driving positions and thanks to the steering system with high feedback, the ground coherence of the tires can be perceived.