Loro Piana stands for timeless effortlessness. From natural fibers of the noblest kind, to natural items designed to dialogue with the body in uncontrived ways. Harmony ensues: a subtle balance of pure shapes, voluptuous textures, dense hues. Harmony as a way of being and a way of living, relying on the comfort that is the Loro Piana take on the very idea of elegance. A leisurely one. Such values are seamlessly carried from one collection to the next.

The Fall Winter 2019-2020 season is charged with an assured, conveyed through flowing silhouettes, impeccable cuts, supple textures. Fabric and colour engage in a multisensorial harmony of dense neutrals lit with vivacious dashes of subtle brights: an amalgamation of melting notes of rose butter, amber, deep hues of grey melange, navy blue and dark raisin. As the colour palette unfolds, an accord of cashmeres and Baby Cashmeres materialises in double face, melton and pile fabrics that give outerwear body and lightness, and a welcoming suppleness to knits, either pure or mixed with silk. Sight and touch are pleased simultaneously, suggesting excellence as a quiet form of personal indulgence. The message is, again, one of natural effortlessness: Clothing that lets the person shine through.